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PACBASE Solutions

Our consultants have worked with CGI Systems, the original developers of Pacbase. We have a team of expert Pacbase Trainers and Monitors who can aid other application programmers in maintaining standards and utilizing Pacbase to its fullest potential along with PAF (Pacbase Access Facility), PACBENCH and PACDESIGN.

Our staff is experienced in IBM mainframes, CICS, JCL, DB2, IMS and other tools like XPEDitor, File-aid, Changeman, ISPF, TSO, TPNS, Abend-Aid. Our consultants come with US experience on various domains like Banking, Insurance, Retirement benefits, Mutual funds, Sales and Distribution and Manufacturing.


  • Web enabling of existing Pacbase Applications

Our expertise and experience include converting VisualAge Pacbase on-line applications to J2EE using IBM Websphere with little or no changes to the existing Pacbase repository.

  • Platform migration of Existing Applications

From most Mainframes to UNIX (including LINUX), Windows or OS/400
From Non-relational to relational: DB2 family, Oracle, SQL server, Informix.     From character based to GUI web-browser based.

  • Re-engineering Legacy batch Pacbase reports using XML

Leverage your existing Pacbase Reports to create XML files automatically and produce data that can be browsed using familiar web browsers or imported into spreadsheets like EXCEL.

  • Supplemental Staffing

We can add value in all stages of SDLC or the complete lifecycle from contract programmers to Pacbase trainers and monitors to oversee the development

  • Training VisualAge Pacbase/monitoring
Fundamentals Structured Code
Batch Systems Development Database Block Generation   
On-line Systems Development Pacbase Administration
Java Server Proxy        Java Screen Proxy



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