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Software Maintenance

I-Link’s software maintenance is the process of enhancing and optimizing deployed software, as well as remedying defects. Software maintenance is one of the phases in the software development process, and follows deployment of the software into the field. The software maintenance phase involves changes to the software in order to correct defects and deficiencies found during field usage as well as the addition of new functionality to improve the software's usability and applicability.

Conventional software engineering focuses on a small part of the SDLC - the design and implementation of a software solution. However, the bulk of the lifetime cycle cost of the software is in the maintenance phase. Software maintenance sustains the software product throughout its operational life cycle. Modification requests are logged and tracked, the impact of proposed changes is determined, code and other software artifacts are modified, testing is conducted, and a new version of the software product is released.


Maintenance is needed to ensure that the software continues to satisfy user requirements. Maintenance must be performed in order to:

  • Correct defects
  • Improve the design
  • Implement enhancements
  • Interface with other systems
  • Adapt programs so that different hardware, software, system features and telecommunications facilities can be used
  • Migrate legacy software
  • Retire software

I-Link has a comprehensive approach to software maintenance comprising:

I-Link has a robust methodology to affect appropriate knowledge transfer and management of maintenance of software products. Our offerings in software maintenance include:

  • Impact Analysis
  • Bug-fixes
  • Enhancement (new feature addition)
  • Porting to other platforms
  • System testing / regression testing
  • Release management and implementation services
  • Technical support centers

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